Lab Members

WE ARE ACCEPTING MSc and PhD STUDENTS – Email me if you are interested



Principle Investigator

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Michael Scheid

Graduate Students

Summer Students

  • Melissa Heung
  • Anna Gavryushova (NSERC summer studentship)
  • Fontini Papapanogiou (NSERC summer studentship)
  • Amanda Tavoni (NSERC summer studentship)
  • Matteo Perri (NSERC summer studentship)

Honours thesis students

  • Fernand de la Salle
  • Adelina Beyla
  • Amanda Tavoni
  • Anna Gavryushova
  • Shahin Khazai
  • Seeyim Kim
  • Elliot Lavi
  • Henry Leung
  • Jason Havelock
  • A. Ahmad
  • Michael Di Marco
  • Tim Gabor

Lab Personnel

  • Dr. Montgomery Gill – Research Associate
  • Dr. Yanping Wang – Reseqrch Associate
  • Renata Magalhaes – Research Technician




Maddie, our honorary lab member

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